Blue River Youth Choir

We are excited to introduce you to the Blue River Youth Choir and invite you to support this new organization. Through year-round music programming, BRYC will establish an environment that promotes personal growth, social graces, and excellence by instilling a love for singing and developing each voice to its fullest potential.

The priceless outcomes include: the smiles on the campers faces when they master a concept, the confidence one gains from performing, the hugs they receive from a parent or grandparent after a concert.

Want to Make a Donation?

As a 2021 Founding Donor, your Prelude Gift will create a solid foundation for BRYC and set in motion new artistic opportunities for youth in our community.

Mission, Purpose, and Vision

The Blue River Youth Choir is a choral performance and educational organization that creates musical opportunities for youth from Shelby County and surrounding areas.  This includes but is not limited by:
  • The performance of a variety of music literature including sacred, secular, classical, pop, and cross-cultural genres of music
  • Music education with an emphasis on the fundamentals of vocal production and a broad-based music theory curriculum
  • The formation of friendships within the choir as well as in the community
  • Instilling in each child a love for singing and developing each voice to its fullest potential
  • Establishing an environment that promotes personal growth and excellence

The benefits of introducing music and art to children
been well documented.


When children are encouraged to express themselves through music and art, they tap into their inner creativity. They learn how to think outside the box and discover better ways of doing things. These are must-have skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Emotional Well-being

As children grow, they take in large amounts of new information that can sometimes become overwhelming. Music provides a safe space for children to explore and deal with their emotions. They can then easily express their ideas and better manage their feelings.

Intellectual Development

Learning to read and sing music stimulates a child’s intellectual development. Research has shown that young musicians have better memory and learning skills such as verbal memory, literacy, and verbal intelligence. These skills have been linked to improved performance in school.

Building Confidence

Self-confidence is one of the greatest benefits of music. While learning to read and perform music, children learn concentration, dedication, and persistence. These skills naturally transfer at school resulting in better classroom performance and, in turn, an increase in self-esteem.